Meet the Board

NHACS Chairman of the Board Bishop Orlando Findlayter

NHACS Chairman of the Board Bishop Orlando Findlayter

Bishop Orlando Findlayter

Bishop Orlando Findlayter is the Senior Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship, located in Brooklyn, New York. A church, with ministries that extends beyond the four walls of the building and impacts the community with the Word as well as through educational and social programs. Bishop Findlayter dedicates his time and energy to building the church and the community.

Bishop Findlayter is a community activist who speaks against injustice. He has served on the board of the National Action Network and is presently Chairman of Churches United to Save and Heal (CUSH) a New York State Chaplain, a Clergy Liaison at the 67th Police Precinct, member of 1000 Congregations for Economic Justice and board member of the Caribbean American Clergy Coalition.

He holds a Masters degree in Theology with a concentration in Urban Ministries from Alliance Theological Seminary.

He was the lead applicant and serves as the chairman of the board of trustees of the New Hope Academy charter school located in community school district 18 (Brooklyn). New Hope Academy is a science and technology school presently service 300students in Kindergarten through 4th grades.

Bishop Findlayter is married to Yvette Garnes-Findlayter, they have three daughters; Raisa, Jessica and Raquelle.

NHACS Board Executive Committee Pastor Hugh Hall

NHACS Board Executive Committee Pastor Hugh Hall

Hugh Robert Hall

Professional Experience

1984-2005 retired 

United States Postal Service 1993-2005 Postal Operation Supervisor Port Washington, NY

Responsibility included: Efficient Operation of the Port Washington Post Office, supervise Administrative Staff, manage 6.5 Million dollar budget, ensure all mail Services are completed in an efficient way.

1990-1993 Postal Field Supervisor, Floral Park, NY

Responsible for the supervision of over 60 employees To ensure the delivery of mail in a cost effective and timely manner, ensure postal rules and Regulations are adhere to.

1985-1990    Route inspector, Triboro  District

Examine postal routes for efficiency & productivity.

1984-1985 Mail Carrier

Responsible for the delivery of mail and parcels in an efficient and qualitative manner, Jamaica Savings Bank , Jamaica NY Clerical officer, Duties included: ensure all checks are entered into system by data entry, reconcile books at the end of day, ensure draw balances, and ensure customers receive quality service.

United States Army – Germany Supply Specialist (spec4)

Education CUNY at York College Jamaica NY B.A. Economics Minor Business Management Extensive Postal Cooperate Training: Creating an Organization Environment that works for everyone, the dynamics of change, Effective Leadership, Resource Planning, Effective Communication, Sexual harassment.


Community Activist, Ordained Minister

NHACS Vice Chair Judith Rapley

NHACS Vice Chair Judith Rapley

Judith Rapley, MSW – Founder & Life Coach

Judith Rapley is a sought after, well respected, motivational speaker, trainer and advocate whose mission for years has been to help individuals, families and organizations take great steps towards making “Transformations for Life”.

As a Personal, Family & Corporate Life Coach, Judith has been instrumental in leading and developing initiatives for individuals and recognizable brands. This has brought great change to the lives of thousands of people and will affect communities and generations to come. She has been an advocate in the community and has served as a deeply respected and knowledgeable mentor, teacher, leader, and minister who passionately shares skills, knowledge, and resources to those in need. Judith’s love for God and her sincere desire to help where needed has been the essence of her being and the fuel that ignites her mission.

As a teen, she was involved as a youth leader in her community church, a mentor to her peers, and as a passionate servant to children and families in soup kitchens and after-school programs.

Her formal studies began in Buffalo, NY at Houghton College, a small Christian Liberal Arts College in Houghton New York. There she was an active member of several student groups and unions involved in advocacy, change, and outreach to minority and international students, while still maintaining her commitment to working with inner city youth during the summer months in New York City. After completing a double Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology, she returned to New York City where she played an instrumental part on the start-up staff for a nationally recognized homeless family shelter with the Salvation Army. She simultaneously earned her Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University as an advanced general practitioner.

Judith Rapley, MSW – Founder & Life Coach

Very early in her career, Judith served as an administrator to a 72-bed girls’ residential treatment center and later transitioned to the other end of the child service spectrum managing six community-based Preventive Services programs for families on behalf of the Salvation Army.

In August of 2006, Judith Rapley had the vision to establish an agency where she could advance her skills, abilities, experiences and gifts in a more widespread national basis. She established JMR Consulting Services.  Through this vehicle, Judith wrote several grants and was influential in obtaining funds and administrating the grants for a community faith-based afterschool program, an HIV/Aids Educational and Public service project, a Prisoner Reentry program, a Church-based cell/mentorship model, the NYU Department of Psychiatry culturally-based mental health project (Bridges), the health clinic for the developmentally disabled (UCPNY) and a myriad of other audiences. While Judith’s efforts have impacted all populations, she has a special affinity for the youth.

In catering to non-profit organizations, Social Service Organizations, Churches, Managed Care Companies and Health Care Providers, JMR Consulting Services was also intricately involved in the creation, development and replication of a phenomenal child-care afterschool model operating throughout New York City and Westchester County (Xposure Foundation, Inc.). This program focuses on equipping underserved communities with knowledge of Finance, Science & Technology, Health & Nutrition, Entrepreneurship and Enriching Life Skills.

In the summer of 2011, JMR Consulting Services was an integral part of the management team responsible for establishing a state-of-the-art 70 child early childcare learning center in Yonkers, New York (Lanza Learning Center) that provides an underserved community and subsidy recipients with high quality education that rivals that of private schools.

Judith currently sits as the Vice-Chair on the Board of New Hope Academy Charter School, a Science & Technology Charter School in Brooklyn, NY and as Vice-Chair of a non-profit dedicated to the uplifting and empowering of women called Women Supporting Women.

Judith is bilingual, has lived in four countries and visited four others. She loves to travel, loves butterflies and adores plants. Judith is an avid reader with an extensive library. She has been helicopter riding, para-sailing, race car driving and jet skiing. Who knows what’s next?

Now Judith is concentrating her efforts on a more personalized platform to help individuals and organizations identify their true potential and fulfill their destinies.

NHACS Board Secretary Xiomara Flowers

NHACS Board Secretary Xiomara Flowers

Xiomara A. Flowers – Biography

My name is Xiomara Flowers.  I have been on the Board of New Hope Academy Charter School from its inception.  After being in management for a few years, I decided business was not my passion. I returned to school for a second Master’s degree. This time, I chose to work towards my Master’s degree in Elementary Education. It was during this program of study that I found my passion in teaching, and through my completion received my teaching certification.  I have been teaching for 25 years.

I love teaching and especially love knowing that I am part of excellent teaching taking place at New Hope Academy Charter School.  Although, I presently live on Long Island, I grew up in Brooklyn and I am looking forward to seeing the Children of New Hope Academy Charter School move towards excellence.  I am married for 22 years with two children a boy and a girl whom I am very proud of.   We also have a dog name “April”.

I graduated from Adelphi University as Suma Cum Laude with a second Master’s degree in Elementary Education (and an extension in Bilingual Education).  I also worked at Molloy College as an adjunct professor teaching TESOL/ESL to teachers.  During my years of teaching I have also trained many instructional staff members in my district on how to use second language acquisition and integrate technology in the classroom to aid the growth of second language learners.  I have provided many parents’ workshop to help aid them with the necessary tools to make their children ready for the future of education and encourage their children to SOAR at all times!

I look forward to many more years of assisting academically the staff of New Hope Academy Charter School in any way possible.

When I’m not teaching, I love to do things with my family, read, travel and spend time with friends. My thoughts about education are summed up in this parable of the pebbles.

“A man was out walking in the desert when a voice said to him, “pick up some pebbles and put them in your pocket, and tomorrow you will be both happy and sad.” The man obeyed.  He stooped down and picked up a handful of pebbles and put them in his pocket.  The next morning he reached into his pocket and found diamonds and rubies and emeralds.  And he was both happy and sad.  Happy he had taken some- sad that he hadn’t taken more.  And so it is with education.” 

NHACS Founding Board Grievance Chair Raymond L. Thomas Jr.

NHACS Founding Board Grievance Chair Raymond L. Thomas Jr.